Do You Turn Invisible To Your Dog The Moment You Step Outside Your Front Door?

This is a one-time offer to kickstart your dog training with my 'Fun Nose Work for Dog's Course'. As a new member of the Superhero Dog Owners Inner Circle you can get full access to this NOW for just £37 (Usual Price £97). If your dog loves sniffing then you NEED to get this course today.

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Is he your best friend when you are cuddling him on the couch by at the park he turns stone deaf?

Is it impossible to get your dog's attention, are you tired of telling him off for not listening and would you love it if he was easier to control?

Would you like to learn how to easily engage and influence your dog so that he looks to you for fun and not every other dog, bird or squirrel that he sees?

You need my 'Fun Nose Work For Pet Dogs!' Course

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This short course provides the perfect opportunity for any pet dog owner to learn some simple scent work and nose games that all breeds of dog will enjoy.

You Will Learn...

1) How to turn meal times into a treasure hunt – Almost all dogs love food but most owners just waste it by putting it in a bowl. I will teach you lots of quick and easy 'Find the Food' games that your dog will love.

2) The secret to turning your dog into a top toy finder – I show you how you can easily turn a fetch into a 'find it' game. This will make your dog use his nose more to find the toy, this will tire him out more quickly than just throwing the toy.

3) Teach your dog how to find your keys! – Or your mobile phone, slippers or handbag. As well as helping you to quickly find that annoying item that you always lose, this is an awesome trick you can show off to your friends.

Providing an outlet for your dog's amazing nose is one of the most important things you can do for your best friend. A dog's sense of smell is 10,000 to 100,000 times better than our human nose, so is it any wonder their noses get them into so much trouble all the time?

Well not any more! My 'Fun Nose Work for Dogs' course will get your dog looking and listening to you more often by harnessing the power of his awesome nose.

What you get.....

Full and Immediate access to the 6 module course. This course is perfect for pet dog owners. You require no fancy dog training equipment or previous dog training experience to complete the modules in this course.

There is no woo woo wolf theory or complicated dog training jargon to contend with and definitely no BS dog whisperer nonsense.

Through the practical demonstration videos you will easily understand and quickly be able to action the games and activities I show you.

This Includes...

  • Expert training videos where I show you exactly what to do.
  • Step by step instructions so you can build the difficulty gradually and have FUN along the way.
  • Email support for a whole week from me which will keep you on track.
  • Lifetime access to the course so you can progress at your own pace and practise with each of your dogs (if you own more than one)

The course is delivered in video format. All of the modules are short and to the point, and you can watch all of the content in just over an hour.

I have designed this course so you can watch, learn and start implementing the easy to follow training with your own dog straight away. No previous dog training knowledge is required to play the games I demonstrate in this course.

This course usually retails at £97 but as a loyal email subscriber you can buy the course now for just £37!

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And Thats Not All...

If you sign up now then as a bonus you also get a copy of Februarys edition of the Canine Coaching Chronicle, and a 1 hour audio training CD.

The Canine Coaching Chronicle is my 12 page ( 5000 word) newsletter and the exclusive read for members of my Superhero Dog Owners Inner Circle.  March's issue was all about simple nose games you can play using toys and food and it also explains how to turn you dog into a scent detection expert.

If you purchase the course today I will post you a copy of this newsletter AND a CD of the 1 hour audio training that accompanied it, which I called 'The Scent work Sessions'.

The actual value of the newsletter and CD is £39.99 but you get that as a bonus to the course when you sign up for the 'Fun Nose Work for Dogs' course.

And as a further bonus I have also added the 'David Davies Scentwork Masterclass' to the course area. This is a one hour Masterclass that I recorded at Daves place with him and his scentwork specialist dog 'Hamish'. This has only previously been available to the members of my 'Superhero Dog Owners Inner Circle' but you get access as a bonus if you invest in the course now.

That's a 1 hour 'Fun Nose Work for Dogs' course, a 1 hour Scentwork masterclass training with David Davies, the 'Scentwork' Issue of the 5000 word Canine Coaching Chronicle AND a one hour audio 'Scentwork Sessions' CD.

All for just £37.99

You get full and immediate access to the course and I will post the edition of the Newsletter and the accompanying Audio CD as soon as you sign up. It will land on your doormat in a couple of days.

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Failure to join now will mean you miss out on the one off £37 purchase price (usual RRP £97) and the bonus Canine Coaching Chronicle and audio training (worth a further £39.99).

Worst of all you will be stuck in the same rut of having stressful walks with a dog who never listens to you.

Don’t delay, click below now and start engaging and enjoying your dog again with my 'Fun Nose work for Dogs' Course.

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