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Does your dog suffer from Deaf Dog Syndrome?



*Shame overload*

Tell me, has your daily stroll become the walk of shame?

Mine was once

The death yodel, the shoulder yank and the disappearing dog were all the tricks I thought my dog was capable of performing. And my own personal trick (to my dog at least) was to turn invisible.

Completely invisible

My dog acted like he couldn't see me at all...

I was just my dog’s chauffeur, the guy who took him to the park to have fun with anyone but me – and I hated It!

And this is the story I hear time and time again from my clients

As soon as another dog appears, your dog neither, sees, hears, (or let’s be honest, even gives a shit) if you are there at all, and no amount of treats or toys will make him listen.

What happened to the dog whose paws you sniff while you cuddle up on the couch? Does he forget about all the lovely food, treats and squeaky toys you lavish on him week after week?

And how can you possibly change things?

You can’t attend a training class because you know your dog is afraid or psychotic around other dogs and when you step into the hall he will likely kick off like a werewolf when the moon is full. And finding time just to exercise your dog enough in between work, school runs and everything else you have to do is hard, but training time? Seriously, who had the time to actually train their dog?


Training time feels pointless and frustrating when you don’t know what to do for the best, and your dog doesn’t listen anyway.

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So what can you do? Should you buy a whistle or a clicker or (heaven forbid) a choke chain? Do you really need a degree in canine psychology to have a good dog who is a pleasure to exercise?


I don’t think you need any of those things to achieve what most dog owners want:

  • To enjoy a walk in the park without your dog pulling your arm off so that you feel like you need shoulder surgery after every walk
  • To let your dog enjoy some off-lead time without worrying if they will run away and leave you feeling frustrated and afraid that you won’t get him back on lead
  • To have guests come to the house and know your dog won’t growl, frighten or jump all over and royally piss them off (Trust me, no one likes dogs jumping at them, and the law doesn’t care if your dog is ‘just being friendly’)
  • For your dog to be happily home alone without you feeling bad while you earn some sheckles to keep him in gravy bones and tennis balls, without him chewing the place to pieces while you're
  • To bring an end to the feeling of guilt that consumes you every time you yell at your dog when he does that bloody annoying thing he keeps doing.

Well, guess what...

You don’t need to be a dog whisperer or have a degree in canine psychology to have a well-trained dog who is a pleasure to live with.

Your parents and grandparents seemed to have fairly well-behaved dogs (for the most part) without reading any dog training books or attending a class.

But, you do need some help - and I get that.

If you feel like you need something to help you have more fun (and less stress) with your pet dog, then this is your invitation to join us in the Superhero Dog Owners Inner Circle. This is a group for like-minded dog owners who learn how to enjoy their dogs ALL the TIME.

The Superhero Dog Owners Inner Circle is my private membership group for pet dog owners who want to learn how to really enjoy living with their dogs. Dog training should be simple and fun, and that’s what we practise within the SDOIC

Not everyone (or every dog) wants to attend a typical dog training class in your local church hall. You may not have the time, or you (or your dog) may not be comfortable with the setup. The SDOIC is different. It will give you the skills and support to enable you to become your dog’s teacher, as well as his best friend.

  • A 12-page print newsletter through your front door every month. Dom’s Canine Coaching Chronicle is printed on the first of each month and arrives about a week later. I dedicate each month to a single topic or dog training theme – and I go into a lot of detail to make sure you get a thorough understanding of everything we’re looking at.
  • A one-hour webinar, audio or video training session with me on the third Thursday of each month. Don’t worry if you can’t make the call or webinar; I record everything. You’ll be able to access the recording online – anytime. Each month I tackle a different dog training problem or an activity you should try doing. This will give you an understanding of why these problems are happening AND a plan of action to fix them.
  • Access to the SDOIC membership area. Here their dozens of dog training videos where I show you exactly how to implement my training methods. There are videos to help you play and control your dog at home and at the park. I use a range of dogs in varied locations so you get real life dog training examples and lessons.
  • Webinars, calls and presentations with a range of dog training experts. My contacts are brilliant dog training men and women from all over the world. They are not only knowledgeable, but people I respect and look up to, and they’re giving their time exclusively to my Inner Circle. So you’ll get the benefit of a real breadth of experience, skills and knowledge from a wide range of people.
  • Access to the Superhero Dog Owners Inner Circle private Facebook group. Here you can ask questions and try out ideas on your fellow members – and me, of course. I will pop in several times a week to help you quickly get back on track. You can post videos for me to critique too. This is also where you’ll find lots of other stuff – videos, webinars, FB live recordings and goodies to further help you bond with your dog, learn how to be your dog's superhero and get rid of the annoying habits that cause you so headaches.
  • Occasional freebies, special offers and other goodies to help you along the way to success. I have a number of training events and seminars planned all over the UK in the coming year, and you will get first dibs on any tickets to those events .

If you aren’t prepared to invest just over a £1 a day (the price of a bag of chips) AND also commit to the small amount of time each week to implement the training within the SDOIC, then you should close this page right now...

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