Do you love your dog but wish he would listen to you?

Are your daily walks stress filled affairs? Does the thought of letting your dog off lead give you a panic attack?


That’s how I used to feel too

When I got my first dog I pictured us sharing lots of wonderful walks together. The reality was the only thing that actually kept us together was the dog lead itself.

Walks were really hard work and why was my dog so interested in every leaf, lamppost, pigeon or dog that we came across. Never mind doing any training, just getting my dog to look at me outdoors was a struggle.

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

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I wished there was some kind of easy to understand blueprint for clueless dog owners like me who loved their dog, but didn’t have all day to train them or know where to start.

Something that wasn’t stuffed with woo woo wolf theories, dangerous dog whispering techniques or full of complicated dog trainer words that only other bloody dog trainers could understand.Was there a book that would be easy enough for me and my dog to understand and fun for both of us to put in action?

Well there is now cos I’ve written it…

Order yours now for just £19.97!


You will find out my easy to follow methods to help you connect, bond, play, train and truly enjoy your dog without any of the woo woo wolf theories you get in other dog training books. The truth is anyone can be there dogs superhero and this includes you too.

You will learn how I went from feeling like an invisible dog owner to being the only thing my dogs were interested in.

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 Inside you will find everything you need to have a happy, well trained dog who loves being with you and no one else.

  • Why most dog training fails and why you are going to do things differently…
  • How to find your canine Kryptonite. This is the thing that will make your dog look at you like a 10 year old meeting Spiderman for the first time
  • Why your dog pulls on the lead, jumps up at people and runs off to play with other dogs and how you can stop him…
  • How to complete ‘Sherlock Holmes’ style dog audit that will give you the key information you need to influence your dog…
  • How you can have FUN with your own dog without him being interested in birds, people or anything else…
  • How you can use your dogs daily ration of food to play, train and entertain him…
  • Why if your miserable mutt is stuck on the doggy dole he will never be truly happy and how you can give him a job for life that he loves doing…
  • How to properly socialize your dog and how almost everyone gets this wrong…
  • Why you need to be the thing that makes your dogs tail wag and exactly how to do it!

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