What People Are Saying

John Rogerson – Dog Trainer and Behaviourist
“Dominic’s book should be of great help to anyone who is having problems controlling their dog – the biggest reason that dogs end up in animal charities in the UK.”
Robert Alleyne, Dog Trainer and Behaviourist
“What a well-written, entertaining, and thought-provoking read. This book will challenge much of what you know about dogs, or think you know. It will encourage you to look at things more from the dog’s perspective than from your own and just might give you a whole new, more wholesome understanding of your ‘best friend’.”
Edwina Freeman and Ruby
How to be your dog’s super hero is a clearly structured, often humorous dog training book that is full of common sense. It is a book to dip in to or read from cover to cover. Which is something I know I will do many times!
From ‘The Dog Audit” to ‘The Future” each chapter covers clearly how best to approach the problem faced. It gives fantastic hints and tips and caused me to have many ‘Why didn’t I think of that?’ moments. It is enthusiastically written and shows clearly Dom’s experience and excitement for the subject of making life for our dogs the best it could possibly be. My favourite chapter has to be ‘Finding the Kryptonite’ which teaches you how to play with your dog. It’s so easy when you know how and is something that has probably made the most difference to us.
This is a book I wish had been able to read when our cocker spaniel, Ruby first came to us. We have had many problems over the years, often exacerbated by well meaning, but often bad advice.
Learning how to be Ruby’s super hero has made a terrific difference to me. It has removed the feeling of failure and guilt of being an inadequate dog owner. It’s given me freedom to have fun and know my dog is happy. We play and happily do our own thing.
We have followed the “dastardly dog” online dog training program for 8 months and have made huge strides forward. This book provides a great overview of this program. I now have the hard copy by my bedside to dip into whenever I want. It is a perfect fit for me.
It is a book that has long needed to be written. It brings Dom’s humorous and common sense approach to dog training to many more people. Buy this book!

Ellen Cooke and Rocket
I first came across Dom online six months ago when I was looking for some ideas to make myself more appealing to our young working cocker, Rocket. Although he was super affectionate and lovely natured at home, when we went out for walks it was becoming increasingly obvious that I was irrelevant to him and I felt that I really needed to do something to change his focus from following his nose to looking at me. He was not interested in playing with me at all at the time, especially when we were out and about. But after working with Dom’s advice and making a real fool of myself on a regular basis we managed to start fooling around together, first at home, then in the garden and then in the field
It’s been a long haul and we’re not where I want to be just yet but we’ve made so much progress. He now looks at me to see what we are going to do next. We can play with a ball or Frisbee and lots of find it games and having that playing base has allowed us to start getting so much more out of agility, gundog and Scentwork training. And best of all it has been really good fun! You can tell when your dog is really enjoying being with you and having a good time and then so much more seems possible.
Fiona Henderson
This is an excellent training manual presented in a very humorous and accessible manner.
Dom certainly understands many of the problems that a companion dog owner is likely to come across when trying to live in harmony with their dog. He also describes the causes and the solutions to these problems. These solutions, if followed should indeed lead to you a fantastic relationship between dog and owner. Or as Dom puts it, “by using the training methods in the book you will become your dog’s Superhero”. That is something all dog enthusiasts would love to see, as it would mean more under control and happy dogs with equally happy owners!

Jemima Hitchen
Lecturer in Animal Care Studies
East Durham College

This is a very well written book with snippets of humour, which keeps you wanting to read more. It is an ideal book for those who own dogs, be it experienced or new owners, but equally a good read for those who are thinking of becoming dog owners.
If dogs could recommend a fun, enjoyable and informative book this would be it!
Rebecca Ashworth
Dom’s book is entertaining, funny, and actually helps with what I’d call ‘real world’ scenarios in today’s dog training. As dog trainers we are so often consumed with science and using the correct terminology that we forget to transfer it in such a way as to help the wider audience. This book is straightforward with witty real life stories and advice on how to get a better relationship with your dog. The games and activities mentioned throughout the book will help put the right building blocks in place so your dog starts to look at you in a completely different light – and a shining light at that!
The book title aptly describes just want you should strive to be for your dog and you owe it to your dog to take the time to read this book!
Joe Kelly
Dog Trainer CTDI, APDT, IACP

This book will give you a true understanding of why your dog acts in a certain way and Dom gives you the answers to put this right. It is simple but very powerful. I can truly say if you continually follow Dom’s instructions you will have a) a happier dog b) you will enjoy your dog more and c) have lots of fun! My cocker is a testament to Dom’s methods and hard work and this book shares the secrets of how it is done.
Lindsay Ledger and Lily

Finally a book that is easy to read, informative with some humour mix in too. This book is a fun and educational read that anyone with a puppy or dog should get. It’s clear and easy to understand. If you follow the guidelines in this book you will have a better canine companion because of it. It’s worth every penny and more and I highly recommend it.

Rachel Bean RVN MCFBA BVNA MTgodt
From the outset it was obvious that this book was going to be different and refreshing.
I read a lot of dog training books, many of them written in the same old styles either full of scientific jargon or in the ‘fluffy bunny perfect world’ way that just make me put the book down there and then. This book, thank goodness is neither of these. It is simple, easy to follow and most importantly realistic and down right entertaining.
Good work Dom! I look forward to the follow up.
Marie L Holt RVN MBVNA Ncert (AnBeh)
At last, a book which doesn’t require a dictionary or a degree to understand. No jargon, just dog training at its finest, that dog owners can understand. Thank you Dom for showing people how simple dog training can be and explaining that bonding and friendship with your dog are the most important things. A most enjoyable read.
Alison Burgess KCAI
I wasn’t long into the preface when I realised this book was going to be a lot more fun to read and relevant than many of the dog training books available!
Follow the advice given in this book, and your dog will very soon become your best friend and companion, and after all, that’s why we have dogs isn’t it?
David MG Davies Canine Behaviour & Training Advisor
The world of dog behaviour and training is held in some kind of mystique by many. It doesn’t need to be unless serious issues such as aggression and fear, which are often linked! However even with fear and aggression often if the owner simply understood that coexistence with the family dog can be achieved easily and without the need for dogs chasing everything they see often including other dogs, then even some of the more serious behaviour concerns would never arise.
Dom well done. This is a very clearly written book and it will help to guide those that read it as to how to have a great life with their family companion dog or dogs.
Lin Armstrong, Warwickshire (Poppy and Barney)
This book is different to other training your dog books, as it helps you first of all to understand where ‘you’ are going wrong to cause your dog’s unwanted behaviour. I’ve had some realisations that have already changed my relationship with my younger dog for the better and I’m looking forward to putting the plan of action fully into practice.