SDOS: Episode 0 – The Pilot Episode of the Superhero Dog Owners Show

Episode 0 – The Pilot

Do you wish your beloved pet dog was just as attentive at the park as he is when you are curled up on the couch with him. Do you wish he didn’t pull on the lead or bark at every passing dog , bird or empty packet of crisps that floats by. Well the Superhero Dog Owners Show will help you to become your dogs superhero. We promise to help you have more FUN and less stress with your pet dog. In this short pilot episode you meet your host Dom and Alex (the video guy) and they will give you the lowdown on what to expect each week. Don’t forget to subscribe so you never miss an episode


Key Takeaways [0.34] Welcome to the show [1.21] Who the hell am I? [1.47] Who is Alex the video guy?[3.41] Why you need to take simple steps when training your dog [4.13] Why dog training should be FUN [4.30]What can you expect from the show? [6.10] How you can ask questions [6.20] How you can subscribe [6.55] Who the show is for? Pet dog owners and NOT dog whisperers [7.35] Why dogs are so bloody selfish and you can find out in next weeks episode

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Full show Transcript

Dominic:              Hello, me bonnie bairns. Welcome to the Superhero Dog Owner Show. This is the first … Actually it isn’t even the first, is it, Alex?

Alex:      I think this is like zero.

Dominic:              This is episode zero. This is the pilot episode of the Superhero Dog Owner Show. This is the episode where I tell you a little bit about what’s coming up, what the show is all about, who it’s for, who I am, and why you should be subscribing. If you’re a pet dog owner who loves his dog, but you wish that your dog listened to you more when you took him to the park, and he was more interested in you than he is in that other dog, or that other bird, or squirrel, or that empty packet of crisps that’s floating by, then this is the show for you. This is the show that’s going to help you have more fun, and hopefully less stress with your pet dog.

I’m the host of the show, Dom Hodgson, and I’m also a dog trainer, a dog walker, and an author, of “How to be Your Dog’s Superhero.” That’s where the superhero thing comes from. I think anybody can be their dog’s superhero, and if you want a quick way to learn how you can be more interesting to your dog, so that he follows you around the park like the pied piper, then you should definitely check out my book, but we’ll go more into that another time.

I’m also joined by my good friend Alex, the video guy.

Alex:      Good afternoon.

Dominic:              Alex is here. He has very expertly set up this studio in a van.


Alex:      Well, we do our best.

Dominic:              We think this is the very first podcast to be recorded in a white van. I’m not sure how proud of that we should be, but you know, we like to … Much like we do with our dog training, and our business, and in life in general, we like to do things a little bit differently. If everyone is doing one thing, then we think it might be a good idea for us to do something different. Is that right, Alex?

Alex:      Definitely. We want to stand out a little bit. We want to do something different.

Dominic:              Definitely. We’ll stand out, whether it’s for the right reasons or not, we don’t know, but we’re definitely going to stand out. We’re happy with that. We decided to make this show a video podcast too. That’s because, over the course of the upcoming episodes, we’re going to be showing you a lot of videos, a lot of how-to stuff, so that you can … I think with something like dog training, it’s much easier if you can see what someone is talking about, and see the live example of exactly how they do that certain thing that they do with their dog, how they interact with him, how they train him, how they use food, affection, and toys to train their dog, and to get their dog more interested in them. Would you agree with that, Alex?

Alex:      Definitely, yeah. As someone who’s a part-time dog owner, which we’ll talk about another time, I think it is very important to see it happening for real, but also seeing the mistakes, sometimes, as well.

Dominic:              Definitely. Any of those coming up.

Alex:      Something like dog training is certainly not a very straightforward art. It can be straightforward, but it’s not a perfect thing. There’s no perfect dog, or anything like that. I think, in this show, we can see the stuff going right very quickly, and also sometimes it can be a bit difficult. It can take a bit of time to train your dog to do certain things, but I think the perseverance is the key, and starting off with a few simple steps is the most important part. That’s what I’ve found, anyways, as far as putting it into practice.

Dominic:              You learned from the best, Alex. You must know.

Alex:      Exactly.

Dominic:              We’ve decided to go on the video format. We hope you enjoy it. We hope you get a lot of value from it. I hope that you … I really hope that you find dog training is much easier once you’ve seen exactly how I do things, and how my colleagues do things, and how we do things on the adventure with our dogs, how we do things with our clients, you’ll see that dog training doesn’t have to be that difficult, and dog training should always be fun. If anything, we all learn better when we’re having fun, no matter what we’re doing, so if we can make dog training a bit more fun for you and your dog, then you’re going to be much more likely that you’ll have a go at something, enjoy it, and want to do it again, and your dog will want to do it again too.

Alex:      Dom, what can we expect to see on the show?

Dominic:              Wow, well, we can expect to see … We’re going to tell a lot of stories. We’ve got a lot of dogs that we adventure with daily, as part of Pack Leader Dog Adventures, my dog adventure training business. You’re going to be seeing lots of dogs. You’re going to be seeing how we control, and how we have fun, and how we’re able to take the dogs out into public places, and still have a great time with them, still give them lots of off-leash exercise and freedom, and not have them running away and causing us lots of aggravation and stress. We’ve got a lot of cool guests lined up as well. I have some super cool, really interesting, top of the tree, dog training colleagues from all around the world. We’ve got lots of nice interviewers with them lined up. We’re going to be finding out a bit more about how they got into dog training, and we’re going to be trying to mine some little nuggets from them, so they can give a little bit of their wisdom, and hopefully help some more people out with their dogs too.

Because we have the power of video, and this studio is a mobile working studio, we’re going to be driving off some weeks, and we’re going to meet up with some of my dog training friends, and doing a bit of one-to-one with them in person as well, so we can see exactly what they do with their dogs, and just generally it’s all things dog. It’s all things dog for pet dog owners, stories, hints, tips, advice, hopefully entertaining as well. We want to make you guys laugh, and smile, and we want you to join in and ask questions. Yeah, we try and keep it interactive, so that if you have something that you’re struggling with with your dog, you think that I can help you, then please e-mail us a question, or send us a video of a question, and we’ll answer that within the show too.

On that note, if you’ve enjoyed this, and you want to watch it again, you want to watch some more, then the thing you need to do now is subscribe to the show. If you search for Superhero Dog Owners Show in iTunes, and you need to hit subscribe please. That’s the whole point of this pilot episode zero show is that I want you guys to go and subscribe to the show right now. Then you’ll just get every single episode beamed straight into your smart phone, or your iPad, or whatever it is that you’re watching it on. Hit subscribe, tell all your friends about it. All of your dog-owning, your pet dog-owning friends. This is who this show is for. It’s not for dog trainers, it’s not for dog behaviorists, certainly not for bloody dog whisperers. This is something that is going to help you have more fun with your dogs.

If you want to get a bit of a head start on everybody else, then you should go to You can buy a book. This book will be posted anywhere in the world, or if you prefer, you can get it on Amazon too, and download it straight into your Kindle. Otherwise, the main point of this episode is for you to subscribe to the show, tell all your friends about it, and get them watching it, so that everyone can have a bit more fun with their pet dogs. Go and hit subscribe, and we’ll see you in the next episode, where we shall be talking about why dogs are so bloody selfish.

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