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This is Episode 55 of the Superhero Dog Owners Show and the very last episode but we are going out with a BANG! Today Dom share the five dog keepers rules that every pet dog owner needs to be aware of… Make sure you check out Dom’s brand new book ‘Worry Free Walks’ which is [...]

Episode 54 – Today I am talking to the one and only Kyra Sundance! Kyra is one of the worlds most popular dog trainers as a huge fan of her many books I was chuffed to bits to get this opportunity to find out more about her dog training skills. We rap about desert Tortoises, [...]

Episode 53 – In todays episode Dom invites back Joe Kelly to the show. We were lucky enough to speak to Joe whilst he was raising his latest little of Portuguese Water Spaniels. Joe tells us about; Why spending more for a puppy can save you money in the long run, the four step puppy [...]

Episode 52 – Today I am joined by the fabulous Kelly Gorman Dunbar. Kelly talks about how she grew up with a dog named Charlie Brown, why you shouldn’t get a smart dog, how she does Pilates with her dogs, and why training your dog goes on forever… So sit back, relax and enjoy the [...]

Episode 51 – Today I’m talking to the original dog whisperer Paul Owens. Paul is someone I’ve been wanting to interview for a long time has loads of experience and dog training stories to share. Paul got his first dog aged 20 and immediately fell in love with dog training. He stayed in love with [...]

Episode 50 -This is one for the dog agility fans and those who have always wanted to try agility with their dogs. Dom and his Cocker Spaniel Sidney have a go at the jumps under the watchful eye of expert dog trainer Rebecca Ashworth Earle. And we also go behind the scenes at the North [...]

Episode 49 – How to play with your dog with Craig Ogilvie There’s not often we get someone on the show who is as passionate about playing with dogs as Dom, but Craig Ogilvie is one of them. Craig has taken interaction with his dogs to a whole new level by making himself the toy. [...]

Episode 48 – Today we stick a pin in the dog training because Dom and Alex are discussing Dom’s new book ‘Walk Yourself Wealthy ‘ Which is available on Amazon and Audible now. Go to for the full episode transcript Dom talks us through the five marketing secrets you need to know if you want [...]

Episode 47 – Today Dom is talking to the awesome Renea L Dahms of Positively Unleashed about her new ‘Get Fit with Fido’ program. If you feel like you need you need to start shedding some of those post Christmas pounds but you don’t have time to walk your dog, never mind join a gym, then Renea [...]

SDOS Episode 46- What age should you neuter your dog and should you neuter him at all? My special guest Rachel Bean has the answers in episode 46 of the Superhero Dog Owners Show. Mentioned in this podcast Rachels website – If you are a dog walker, dog groomer or a dog trainer you [...]

Episode 45 = What do you do when your cute little puppy turns into a moody belligerent teenage dirtbag who won’t do anything you want? Well Dom gets the answers from dog trainers Denise O Moore in Episode 45 of the Superhero Dog Owners Show. Denise explains why you need to manage your dogs problems [...]

SHDOS Episode 44 – Today Dom is joined by author, international speaker and dog training extraordinaire Grisha Stewart! Grisha share how being a mathematics geek helps her work with dogs, why she specialises in mistakes, what the main differences between between dogs in the U.K and the U.S.A, why it’s important to breathe and how [...]

Episode 43 – Well it finally happened! Dom got a new dog. In fact he got a new Dogue! Derek the Dogue de Bordeaux who was recently adopted from the Dogue de Bordeaux Rehoming and Rescue. So why get a big rescue dog instead of a puppy? How did we actually get him and how are we helping [...]

SHDOS Episode 42 – It’s not very often you come across a dog trainer who likes doing 50 miles runs, thinks everyone should have a deaf dog in their life and has purple hair to boot! But you get all that and more in episode 42 where I interview dog trainer extraordinaire Morag Heirs. Morag runs [...]

SHDOS Episode 41 Is there such a thing a perfect puppy? Probably not, but you can come pretty darn close by following the expert advice given by this week’s guest trainer, Sue McCabe. I know personally how good Sue is because I attended her puppy class with my Cocker Spaniel Sid. In this episode Sue [...]

SHDOS Episode 40 Today’s podcast guest comes to us live all the way from Mumbai, its assistance dog trainer Karan Shahh. Karan is a dog trainer who describes himself as differently abled. He tells us his amazing story of how his assistance dog Angel helped him get over a family bereavement, how he was inspired [...]

SHDOS Episode 39 How do you go about finding someone you can trust to look after your precious pooch? What qualifications should a dog walker have and what are the most important questions you need to ask? Well today on the Superhero Dog Owners Show Dom has the answers for you. As well as being [...]

SHDOS Episode 38 – Do you ever feel like you and your dog don’t have much of a connection? Well stick around because today Dom is heading back to see the rather awesome Jane Arden at Waggawuffins HQ where they are discussing mindful dog training. Mindfulness is all the rage at the moment and Jane will [...]

Episode 37 – Training New York City Dogs with Sarah Dixon Today dog training insights are coming to you from the city that’s so good they names it twice, and I don’t mean Sunderland, Sunderland. We have Dog Training expert Sarah Dixon on the show. Sarah is originally from British Columbia but has recently upped [...]

SHDOS Episode 36 What do you want from your dog? Dom thinks he has the answer and as well as chickens and some business advice, he also shares the secrets to making your dog love you. The true test of how much your dog loves you isn’t how good he cuddles you or how many [...]

Episode 35 – Is your dog’s nose always getting him into trouble? Does his nose regularly take him away from you at the park? Why are dogs obsessed and so good at finding every half eaten sandwich, stinky pile of fox poo and dead rotten fish they can find? Well today’s guest David Davies has [...]

SHDOS Episode 34 Episode 34 – Today Dom is joined by dog trainer extraordinaire Kamal Fernandez. Kamal talks to me about how the brow beat his parents into getting him a dog and his embarrassing dog training moment. How he got the agility bug but almost didn’t make it to the class because he had [...]

    Episode 33 – If you are a dog walker, a dog trainer or a dog groomer then you need to listen to today’s show because Dom is going to share with you some super simple tips that will supercharge your dog business. In fact, Dom has noticed that there are many similarities between [...]

Episode 33 – Today I am talking dancing dogs and hounds that do heelwork with the marvellous Mary Ray. Marys shares her embarrassing dog training moment, why she was a dog mad toddler, how she fell in love with and helped invent heelwork to music, her top training tips for puppies and why you CAN [...]

Episode 31 – Today I am talking to the one and only Dublin Dog Trainer AKA John Ward. John has been dog training for over 40 years and today he shares his wisdom with you! We chat about John’s love of agility and why John thinks agility has become too competitive, how he uses dogs [...]

Episode 30 – Is your dog bored? Well maybe you should think about giving him a job to do. Today’s guest Mary Owens shares how she trains up service dogs at thee Service Dog University in Pensacola Florida and she has some super awesome advice that you can put into practice straight away with your [...]

Episode 28 -Ever been chased by a randy iguana? Well today’s guest Danielle Beck has and she tells me all about it on today’s show. She also shares how you can keep your children safe around dogs, why you should teach your dog to ‘go to bed’ and why she loves lizards so darn much! [...]

SDOS Episode 27 How to Be Your Dog’s Best Friend with Joe Kelly Today Dom is talking to awesome Irish Dog Trainer Joseph Kelly. Joe now lives in New Jersey where he helps owners who are having trouble with their pet dogs. Joes tells Dom how he was raised like a puppy, how his grandfather [...]

Episode 26 – Is walking your dog a nightmare? Is he interested in everything and anything but you when you go to the park? Do you wish you had more control off lead? Well fear ye not, because the answers are here and Dom and Alex are talking about how YOU can enjoy stress free walks [...]

  Episode 25 – Today Dom is talking to the Glasgow Dog Trainer, John Mcguigan. John tells us why you need to listen to your dog, how he became a dog trainer, why you shouldn’t be texting when you walk your dog and why you need to throw your flexi lead in the bin! You [...]

Episode 24 – To rescue or not rescue that is the question…and the answer is provided by todays guest the awesome Emma Lee. Emma runs an animal rescue centre in South West France and she has loads of great advice to give that will help you with your rescue dog. You will learn; Why the day [...]

Episode 23 – If you have a dog who afraid of fireworks, people or maybe his own shadow then you need to watch this week’s show, because Dom is talking to dog trainer and fearful dog expert Debbie Jacobs. She talks to me about why you need to pay your dog, why Debbie believes in [...]

Episode 22 – If you want to start your dog training with a bang in 2017 then Dom has the perfect show for you today. He lays out the Five Key things you need to do with your dog that will improve his behaviour, makes walking him less stressful and generally allow you to enjoy your dog much [...]

As we are 21 Episodes in and it’s almost New Year Dom though thought it would be a good idea to have a recap of some of the awesome guests who have been interviewed on the show so far. So while Dom and Alex are finishing the last of the mince pies you can sit [...]

  Episode 20 – It’s Chrissssstmasssss on the Superhero Dog Owners Show, well almost Christmas anyway. Dom and Alex have come indoors for a fireside show and as it’s the season of eating and drinking they are talking about food and specifically how you feed your dog. You will learn why you should pay rather [...]

Episode 18 If you have ever tried to deal with the overwhelm of having children and a dog then you will LOVE today’s show. Dom has his first double guest interview and is talking to Leah Hatley and Justine Chater Shuurmans from The Family Dog. These awesome dog trainers have niched down into helping out [...]

Episode 16  Talking to Shirin Merchant about why you need to listen to your dog, family dynamics, assistance dogs and how she busted through a male dominated industry and transformed how dogs were trained in India. (And there’s a special offer to join my Inner Circle too) Timestamps [.45] A cold podcast in November [2.20] [...]

Episode 15  Talking to Meagan Karnes about why it’s cool to fool around and make mistakes with your dog! Dog trainer and behaviourist and author of the Collared Scholar Blog Meagan Karnes is Dom’s guest on today’s show. They talk about Meagan’s first dog Kobe, how she became a trainer, how you can motivate your dog [...]

Episode 14 Do you ever wonder if there was more you can do to keep your dog healthy? Should you clean his teeth and how to do it? Dom answers this and more when he talks to Superhero Vet Nurse and Dog Behaviourist Rachel Bean. Rachel has an interesting and varied career which takes her [...]

Episode 13 – Some really sad news to share with you on today’s episode because Barry, Dom (and Beths) beloved Dogue de Bordeaux sadly passed away. On this bonus episode Dom’s reminisces about Barry and talks about the unfortunate but ultimate responsibility we all have as our dogs keepers. Dom :    Hello me bonny bairns [...]

Episode 12 – Why is Dom wearing a Fez? What is the Tommy Cooper School of Dog Training? And how can you be more dog? These are all questions answered on today’s episode of the Superhero Dog Owners Show. Timestamps [1.04] What is Dom wearing on his head? [1.50] Dom’s favourite Tommy Cooper jokes [3.00] [...]

Episode 11 Why are Dom and Alex talking about Superheroes and what does Bruce Lee have to do with dog training? Find out in today show. There are many ways to train a dog but for a pet dog owner some of the easiest and most obvious things are often overlooked. Dom explains how by [...]

Episode 9 [0.55] What is the ‘S’ word [1.31] Why Dom is a lazy dog trainer [2.53] Why Dom is a miserable old man [3.52] Dom talks about his very first dog Flo [4.40] Why it’s ok if your dog isn’t very friendly [6.10] Why you need to control the Kryptonite [6.34] What you should [...]

Episode 8 Today Dom is joined by Sound Proof Puppy App creator and all round, awesome puppy trainer Amy Smith. Amy shares how she didn’t own a dog until her twenties (after wearing her hubby down) but then got the bug for dog training and now helps hundreds owners each year have less puppy problems with their [...]

Episode 7 Today Dom talks to the KCAI dog trainer of the year Jane Arden. Jane has some awesome dog training going on at her Waggawuffins Canine College in Bury and today she shares how and why she became a dog trainer. We also find out why she lurves Cocker Spaniels and who her favourite superhero is… [...]

Episode 5 In this episode Dom talks to TV vet, Author and animal rights campaigner Marc Abraham, better known as Marc the vet. Marc founded Pupaid back in 2010 when he was practising vet and experienced the horrors of puppy farming first hand in his surgery. He shares that experience with us today and also [...]

Episode 3 In today’s show Dom takes his Dogue de Bordeaux Barry and his Cocker Spaniel Sidney on a trip to the bakers and teaches you the effect of concequence and association can have on how you train your dog. We also join Alex the video guy as he takes Otis the Jack Russell out [...]

Episode 2 Do you wish you had a magic wand to control your dog and get him to stop doing all the annoying things he does? Well, in this week’s episode Alex finds out how he can use wine, pizza and football tickets to get Dom to do whatever he wants and how if you [...]