SDOS Episode 24 – How to Settle in your Rescue Dog With Emma Lee

Episode 24 – To rescue or not rescue that is the question…and the answer is provided by todays guest the awesome Emma Lee. Emma runs an animal rescue centre in South West France and she has loads of great advice to give that will help you with your rescue dog. You will learn; Why the day of the rescue can be the most stressful for a dog? Why dogs are allowed in restaurants in France? How Emma ended up in France, how they modernised the rescue and helped a dog called Hell Boy? She also gives her best advice on how you to eat an elephant! This is not to be missed (and you also find out how to get a FREE copy of Dom’s best selling book)

Time Stamps

[.25] Welcome to the show! [1.21] The plus points of getting a rescue dog [1.50] Why are dog’s given up [2.35] How Otis was stolen [4.35] Dom’s rescue dogs [5.45] Why it takes a rescue dog so long to settle down [6.18] Interview with Emma Lee [8.35] What was life like for Emma growing up with dogs? [10.09]What makes Emma pass out and why she hates Biology? [11.16] How did Emma end up in France? [11.55] Is Emma addicted to Vimto? [12.05] Awesome stats from Emma’s Rescue [13.39] What is the most problematic breed of dog that Emma deals with? [14.30] How they shut down an illegal breeder [15.20] Why is France so dog friendly? [17.09] Why don’t people realise what dogs do? [19.50] How did things change in the rescue in 2007? [20.53] Why was a dog called ‘is no good’? [23.22] What is Emma’s key advice for people rescuing a dog [24.11] Why the rescue day can be the most stressful for a dog [26.11] Why the first night is the hardest [27.50] Emma’s advice on how to eat an elephant [28.40] Where to find out more about Emma and what she does? [29.28] Why is Emma like a shark and how does she relax? [31.43] Coming up next week..[32.50] How to get a FREE copy of Dom’s book…

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