SDOS Episode 34 – Recalls and Relationships with Kamal Fernandez

SHDOS Episode 34

Episode 34 – Today Dom is joined by dog trainer extraordinaire Kamal Fernandez. Kamal talks to me about how the brow beat his parents into getting him a dog and his embarrassing dog training moment. How he got the agility bug but almost didn’t make it to the class because he had the wrong address. He also shares some dog training gems like, why you need to keep investing in your dog’s recall bank account, why dogs are such powerful teachers and he tells me what he favourite training games are. If you have a dog who is more interested in every dog, bird or squirrel he sees than he is in coming back to you then this episode is a must watch! Oh and this was last podcast shot in our old house so dear old Barry the Bordeaux makes a little appearance.


[.55] Why are Dom and Alex on an industrial estate and why did they spend the night together [1.32] Vlog of yesterdays road trip to Waggawuffins [5.13] Introducing todays guest, Kamal Fernandez [5.48] The greyhound round [7.43] Kamals embarrassing dog training moment [9.09] How did Kamal first get interested in dogs? [14.00] How did Kamal get the agility bug and how he almost missed out because he has the wrong postcode [16.45] Kamal top recall tips [17.10] How Suzanne Garret inspired Kamal [17.35] Why you need to keep investing in your dog’s recall bank account [19.26] What are Kamals favourite dog training games [19.50] Why it’s not about the toy but what you do with it [22.16] What is the best advice Kamal has ever been given? [24.21] Why dogs are such powerful teachers [] How to find out more about Kamal [25.29] How does Kamal like to chill out and relax [26.43] Coming up next week, David Davies [28] How to sign up for Dom’s FREE 33 Ideas to grow your pet business FAST!

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