SDOS Episode 45 – Talking Teenage Dirtbag Dogs with Denise O Moore

Episode 45 = What do you do when your cute little puppy turns into a moody belligerent teenage dirtbag who won’t do anything you want? Well Dom gets the answers from dog trainers Denise O Moore in Episode 45 of the Superhero Dog Owners Show. Denise explains why you need to manage your dogs problems and not ignore them, why it’s no good giving your teenage dog a curfew without a good reward, she shows us some great ways to make your dog’s food last longer and she also shares why it’s good sometimes to sit and chill with your dog (and a glass of wine).

[1.30] What nasty incident happened to Beth’s wife recently? [4.03] How do you cope with horrible dog walkers who ruin with your walk with their out of control dogs? [6.41] Why you need MORE control of your dog when he is off lead [8.04] Why irresponsible dog owners will get dogs banned from from public places [12.10] Why Dom is an old curmudgeon dog trainer [14.19] Introducing today’s guest Denise O’Moore [14.20] The greyhound round [15.55] What was life like for little Denise growing up with dogs [19.24] Why do puppies turn into such horrors when they turn into teenagers. [21.22] Why you need to manage a puppy problem (and not ignore it) [23.00] Why your teenage dog will break his curfew and ignore his bedtime unless you up the reward [26.14] How does Denise handle giving a dog she has trained? (hint: It’s HARD!) [27.50] What food games can you use to make your dogs food last longer [30.46] Why it’s good to sit and chill with your dog [32.37] Why you need to choose your dog training battles (and your Facebook ones too) [33.01] How to find out more about Denise [35.52] A cheeky plug for Doms book [36.25] Coming up next week Rachel Bean…

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