SDOD Episode 26 – How to Enjoy Stress Free Walks with Your Dog

Episode 26 – Is walking your dog a nightmare? Is he interested in everything and anything but you when you go to the park? Do you wish you had more control off lead? Well fear ye not, because the answers are here and Dom and Alex are talking about how YOU can enjoy stress free walks with your dog. Dom shares the advice he recently gave the owner of a springer spaniel (who was running away from him ALL the time) and he also show you exactly how he wears out and controls his own dogs so that the whole family can enjoy stress free walks. (Warning: This episode also features some awesome footage of Dom’s dearly departed DDB, Barry)


[1.00] Why is Dom so busy [1.40] How to get Dom’s help with your dog [2.43] Why your dog doesn’t listen to you! [How to join the dots with your dog training [4.00] How to interview your dog AND find out what he likes [5.00] How to keep great control of your dog [8.20] Why you need a new routine with your dog [10.40] Dom’s dog training strategy [11.25] How to enjoy stress free FAMILY walks with your dog [12.12] VIDEO- Dom, Toby, Alex and Sidney go to the beach [16.18] What has Alex been up to with Otis [19.19] How Alex hypnotises Otis with his rubber ball [20.46] Is Dom getting another dog [23.29] Whose next week’s guest?

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