SDOS Episode 27 – How To Be Your Dog’s Best Friend with Joe Kelly

SDOS Episode 27 How to Be Your Dog’s Best Friend with Joe Kelly

Today Dom is talking to awesome Irish Dog Trainer Joseph Kelly. Joe now lives in New Jersey where he helps owners who are having trouble with their pet dogs. Joes tells Dom how he was raised like a puppy, how his grandfather inspired him to work with dogs, why you need people skills when you are a dog trainer and what are the three secret ‘S’ words you need to know to have a great relationship with your dog. There is a special appearance by Joes Portuguese water dog Carlito too. Don’t forget to subscribe.

[.55] Why Dom doesn’t do Valentines day [3.00] Why you need to be consistent with your dog training [4.25] What are the keystone habits you need to do with your dog? [5.18] How you can get a great connection with your dog [6.30] Why I don’t do complicated dog trainer [] Todays guest is..Joe Kelly! [8.10] Meet Joes dog Carlito [9.20] How did Irish Joe end up in New Jersey? [10.01] why was Joe raised like a puppy? [11.00] How did Joes Grandad inspire him to work with dogs [12.05] How did Joe become a dog trainer [13.00] Why people skills are important when training dogs [16.00] Why you need to look at things from the dogs point of view [17.15] What are the main differences with UK and US dog owners [18.17] Why you need to take dog aggression very seriously [18.40] Joe recommends a really good dog training book J [19.34] Joes recollects how dogs were when he was growing up [20.30] Why dog training should be really easy [20.55] Why you need to give your dog a job [21.41] Joes top dog training tips for things you can and should do with your dog right now [22.30] Why you need to use the food [24.00] What are the 3 ‘S’s??? [24.53] How to get your dog thinking [25.30] Joes cone game [27.00] What is the best advice Joe has ever been given [29.23] How does Joe chill out and relax [30.29] How awesome was that [30.59] How to join Dom’s Inner Circle [31.26] How to download a FREE chapter of Dom’s book and get his FREE daily emails [32.27] Coming up next week…

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