SDOS Episode 28 – Why you shouldn’t hug every dog with Danielle Beck

Episode 28 -Ever been chased by a randy iguana? Well today’s guest Danielle Beck has and she tells me all about it on today’s show. She also shares how you can keep your children safe around dogs, why you should teach your dog to ‘go to bed’ and why she loves lizards so darn much! Danielle is the first Animal Clinical Behaviourist I have had one the show and you really don’t want to miss it!


[1.06] What Alex the Video Guy has been up to? [1.58] Why Alex’s like to mix it up [3.18] Why you need to play to your strengths [4.02] Why your dog likes a structure in his life [4.40] Why you need to be consistent with your dog [6.00] How you can use nose games to help you with your reactive dog [7.00] What we are doing next month in the Inner Circle [8.46] Meet this weeks guest, Danielle Beck [9.46] what is an Axolotl? [10.33] The Greyhound round [11.57] Why Danielle likes working with lots of different animals? [12.55] Danielle’s embarrassing dog training moment [13.30] What is the best advice Danielle has ever been given? [14.36] how Danielle put that advice into practise [16.00] Where does the lizard love come from? [17.30] How to teach your child to behave around a dog [18.56] How to prepare you house (and family) for the arrival of a new dog? [20.14] Why you should teach your dog to go to bed! [20.58] Why toddlers and infants don’t make very good dog trainers [22.30] Why you need to get a pro involved IF you are struggling [24.46] How to find out more about Danielle [26.45] Why you need to be proud of your dog [27.20] How Geeky Danielle chills out [28.11] Coming up next week

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