SDOS Episode 30 – Talking Service Dogs with Mary Owens

Episode 30 – Is your dog bored? Well maybe you should think about giving him a job to do. Today’s guest Mary Owens shares how she trains up service dogs at thee Service Dog University in Pensacola Florida and she has some super awesome advice that you can put into practice straight away with your dog.


[1.30] Why have the meerkat machines been freaking Dom out [4.11] How to fool an African hunting dog [5.40] How to use the power of distraction to keep your dog near you [7.19] How to learn how to be your dog’s superhero [8.15] Inner Circle preview [9.06] Welcome to Mary Owens [9.50] The Greyhound Round [11.50] Mary’s embarrassing dumbbell moment [12.26] What was Mary’s first doggy experience [13.00] Why is a recall so important [13.46] How did Mary become a trainer [14.42] What is the service dog university [15.10 Service Dog Success Stories [16.40] How the service dogs help veterans with their confidence [17.40] When does a service dog know he’s a service dog? [18.48] Why is it so important to give a dog a job? [19.47] How to teach your dog a job – Mary’s advice [21.00] How to teach your dog a hand touch [22.17] How to pick a suitable job for your own dog [24.11] What are Mary’s plans for the service dog university [24.57] How to support Service Dog University [26.00] How does Mary chill out and relax [27.11] Coming up next week, the Dublin Dog Trainer, John Ward.

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