SDOS Episode 31 – Talking pooch’s and prisons with the Dublin Dog Trainer, John Ward

Episode 31 – Today I am talking to the one and only Dublin Dog Trainer AKA John Ward. John has been dog training for over 40 years and today he shares his wisdom with you! We chat about John’s love of agility and why John thinks agility has become too competitive, how he uses dogs to help out in prisons, why you shouldn’t force comfort onto your rescue dog, and why there’s no place for glory in dog training. There is something for dog owners and dog trainers alike so sit back and enjoy the show.


[1.10] Where does Alex get all of his wonderful gear from [2.30] What is the butchers dog training tip [] Why you need to show your dog what rewards you have [3.57] How to control your dog at the dog park [5.09] Interview with the Dublin Dog Trainer, John Ward [6.01] The Greyhound Round [7.37] How did John first get introduced to dogs when he was a little lad [11.00] Why does dog love agility so much [12.00] Is agility becoming too competitive [14.22] What is John doing in the prisons in Ireland [16.28] Why John doesn’t mind being part and parcel of prison life (as long as he can get out on an evening!) [19.31] How the calmness of the dogs helps bring the inmates together [21.30] What are the most important things you need to do with a rescue dog to make sure he doesn’t end up back in a rescue.[23.14] Why you shouldn’t force comfort on a rescue dog [26.00] why you need to watch your dog [28.00] Why you shouldn’t go too hard too quickly with your dog [28.36] What is the best advice John has ever been given [31.11] Why you shouldn’t go into dog training for glory [32.49] How to find out more about the Dublin Dog Trainer [32.59] How does John chill out and relax? [35.03] Where to buy Dom’s book –

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