SDOS Episode 32 – How To Dance Your Way to a Well Trained Dog with Mary Ray

Episode 33 – Today I am talking dancing dogs and hounds that do heelwork with the marvellous Mary Ray. Marys shares her embarrassing dog training moment, why she was a dog mad toddler, how she fell in love with and helped invent heelwork to music, her top training tips for puppies and why you CAN teach an old dog new tricks! This is an interesting interview with a top trainer so sit back, relax and enjoy this chat with Mary and me.


[2.20] Why Dom doesn’t like Crufts [3.50] Why Dom is getting broody for a puppy [4.58] The greyhound round [6.30] Mary’s embarrassing dog show moment [7.20] Why Mary was dog mad even in a pushchair [8.52] How did Mary get into heelwork to music? [10.43] Why is heelwork to music so popular and why is it so good to learn [13.30] Mary’s top tips for training your puppy [14.08] How you CAN teach an old dog new tricks [15.28] What’s the best advice Mary has ever been given [16.26] How to find out more about Mary? [18.20] How to access the Inner Circle Masterclasses [18.46] What is the Canine Coaching Chronicle [20.18] How to buy Dom’s book

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